Shared bicycle services

This self service service allow users to borrow a bike at a point A and give it back at a point B whenever they want as the service is available 24/24h and 7 days a week.

With or without electrical assistance: this is the foundation of our company and the activity that allows us to understand today all the infrastructure and services bicycles in the city needs.


We perform studies, design the system and studies the best network propositions. Then we proceed to the deployment of the infrastructures, and the creation of the IT interfaces.




The network is composed by station far from 300 to 400 meters deployed around the cities and closed to multimodal areas.

In practice, the system users can borrow a bike from the station of their choice and return it in any other.

Depending on the nature of the offer, this service is for customers and / or occasional users , who can register on the terminal itself, on the internet , or mobile app .




Our new stations VLS are lightweight , minimally invasive in terms of civil engineering and customizable . Similarly we launched in 2015 a program of a new bike design to improve comfort, handling and include a connection for a removable battery providing an electrical assistance while the user is running the bicycle.

Operations and maintenance