Our commitment

Cykleo is an operator of sustainable mobility solutions such as bicycles, or car sharing system, in all phases of the project for every kind of territories.

Our mission is to develop new sustainable transport solutions that meets every day and future needs.


Deliver the best services every day

For every single project, a dedicated team is created to take care of :

  • Operations : monitoring, reporting, answering customers issues, etc.
  • Maintenance : prevention of vandalism, risk management, IT supervision, etc.
  • Performance : costs and key performance indicators follow-up
  • Optimization and innovation : permanent improvement of our processes, technological survey, etc.

Implement reliable solutions

We have developed a strong expertise, combining performance and proximity to ensure quality services.

  • Preliminay study : Analysis of sites, administrative processes, planning and organization, stakeholder coordination.
  • Project realization : project management and reporting, stakeholders coordination, logistics, etc.
  • Inauguration prepartion: administrative and technical control , organization of delivery of work, training, commissioning.

To support a brand and a project

Thanks to our experience as Bike solutions operator, we have proved our ability to deploy sustainable project and to attract new users that would never had the idea to use their bicycle for their daily itinerary.

  • Marketing : Strategy , solutions definitions, definition and implementation of customer experience, multi-channel management back office ,
  • Communication : campaign launch, digital marketing, street marketing , , advertising, contest with clients, challenges etc.
  • Customer relationship management : management of customer requests, multichannel subscriptions management, CRM reporting

Active mobility solutions

Customized solutions