Preliminary study

Thanks to our experience as bike services provider as well as our knowledge of the use of bicycle in the city, we can support and advise our client about it’s project and objectives.

These activities are equally addressed to the general public (Metropolis, Transport Authorities) to industrial or tertiary activities .


Cycling Study

Building a cycling network allows to reinvest public space and to linked different kind of areas.

The lack of security and convenience of urban networks is the first obstacle to the use of bicycles, creating dedicated ways is an prerequisite for improving the position of active modes as an alternative to the private car.

With our knowledge of the use of the bicycle in the urban network and our experience and expertise in bicycles services, we can help a client in all phases of its cycling plan.

Cykleo support you in the projection of the cycling network, advise you on the most suitable equipments, offers a deployment plan that meets your goals and budget and help you prioritize if necessary the investment.


Implementation study

These implantation studies aim to determine the feasibility of a project building a parking structure whether it is an opened of a secured bike shelter.

The analyzes are based mainly on technical surveys (multimodal offer, , GSM coverage, soil analysis. Etc.)

Depending on the conclusions of the study, Cykleo confirms the location or offers solutions to overcome a technical or financial difficulty. To illustrate our proposals, our team draws visual inserts.

Once the analysis of the site is complete, Cykleo is able to build drafts highlighting the feasibility of implementation and expansion capabilities (land, coverage / telecom connection, electrical connection) summarily defining work associate (preparatory, installation and commissioning, additional development / rehabilitation, etc.)

Studies are conducted to ensure that all elements required for the establishment of administrative registration are already collected and facilitate the implementation (graphics parts implementation for DP files and PC / comprehensive definition of services to be performed for files consultation).


Feasibility study

Cykleo studies your project and offers operation and business model to maximize the use and preserve investment.

Active mobility solutions