Cykleo in brief

Cykleo operator is active mobility since 2007. We design, produce and operate mobility services.


Here are some brief markers of our business

  • Net Business 2015: 13 million euros
  • Employees: 60 employees / 100 employees with consolidated insertion
  • National coverage: 7 bikes farms self-service
  • A fleet of 15,000 bikes in 7 French cities including VLS 5300
  • More than 4,500 parking spaces created in 5 years
  • Over 2,300 parking spaces exploited
  • Innovative solutions developed and commissioned (bornettes autonomous, mobile applications, NFC, relays bikes, folding bikes Business Analysis, etc.)

Our philosophy

Since 2007, we have developed a strong expertise in the design , the deployment and operation of services and infrastructure shared for mobility .




Elements of mobility


  • equipment’s, fleet and infrastructure




Teams and methods


  • operations, maintenance, early obsolescence, etc.




  • IT infrastructure, digital solutions and centralized management system

We have trained multidisciplinary teams combining all the skills needed to implement and operate our mobility services. These teams perfectly mastered all the mechanics, electrical engineering, IT and telecommunications, ticketing, electronic banking, etc.

Our operational organization


We have built our business organization in order to provide a high quality service in terms of products and services and anticipate future need in order to develop new innovative solutions and target new markets.

The Head of the corporate give the strategical orientation and drives the Opération and Development directors both supported by the multidisciplinary technical department and local maintenance and operations teams.


Innovation as DNA

With the launch of the new brand Cykleo , we launched an ambitious development program late 2015 in preparation for the offensive revival of the company for the development of the bike mobility .

Cykleo therefore undertook to develop new furniture for its stations self-service bicycle, a new ebike or even new mobility services to provide these customers more features and flexibility in use.

Active mobility solutions

Customized solutions