Marketing and communication

Cykleo helps you define and implement your strategy for communication and entertainment, and assists you in building the image of the service.



The image of service should be specific to the territory and please the greatest number of users so that users appropriate this new brand.

Cykleo helps you determine this identity and organize regular communication actions to stimulate usage.




Throughout the life of service, we help you develop your communication plan. Launch Communication, inauguration, participation in local events, creating regular appointments with the users, prospecting for companies and universities, street marketing , to campaign display . Etc.

Everywhere throughout the Cykleo operating contract with you to make your project a success and boost the number of use.




Cykleo helps you achieve the goals you set for yourself by setting up your project. Cykleo  imagine innovations, pricing, new commercial and communication networks.

To understand customers needs and create new way to stimulate the use, we are analysing activity reports of our other networks, customer surveys directly or through our customer service, market research, information feedback through social networks or by our teams local , etc.

Our concern is always to consider the context and local mutations to transform our services accordingly.

Solutions for all territories

A local actor