V’Lille – Lille Métropolis

Implementation and operation of bike sharing system and logistics support for rented bicycles.


The Lille Métropolis has decided to invest in order to increase the share of cycling in the total number of itinerary from 2 to 10% in 2020.



A big network


The V’Lille is our biggest network with the largest number of stations. This network has been created in 4 main steps : first the construction of 110 stations, then 185, 210 and finally 222.

The design of the V’Lille station is different from other Cykleo equipments.


A willingness to boost bicycle use in the urban area


In 2011, 2/3 of journeys in Lille are less than 3 km far. The self-service bike sharing system was the first step to convince the inhabitant to use a bike instead of a car for short distance.

The second step consisted in proposing rented bikes :

  • 3,000 city bikes
  • 400 folding bikes
  • 448 electric bikes

Cykleo operates :


  • 2,220 conventional bicycle-sharing system
  • 222 self-service stations
  • 3,850 bikes for rent including 400 448 folding bikes and electric bikes



Rented bicycle

Shared bicycle